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Temple Walkowiak

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Poe Hall 317D



Dr. Temple Walkowiak is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences. She teaches courses focused on mathematics teaching and learning to preservice and practicing teachers. Her research focuses on how quality of mathematics instruction is measured in elementary classrooms. She also examines how elementary teacher education, both preparation and professional development programs, can impact mathematics instructional quality with a particular focus on teachers’ specialized content knowledge. Much of her work in both research and teaching is grounded in her nine years of experience as a public school educator in Virginia. During that time, she worked as a sixth grade mathematics teacher, a mathematics specialist, and an assistant principal.


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education from University of Virginia in 2010
Master of Education in Middle Grades (4-8) Education from James Madison University in 1998
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from James Madison University in 1997


Scholarly Publications

  • Walkowiak, T. A. (2014). Elementary and middle school students' analyses of pictorial growth patterns. Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 33, 56-71.
  • Walkowiak, T. A., Berry, R. Q., Meyer, J. P., Rimm-Kaufman, S. E., & Ottmar, E. R. (2014). Introducing an observational measure of standards-based mathematics teaching practices: Evidence of validity and score reliability. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 85(1), 109-128.
  • McIntyre, E., Walkowiak, T. A., Thomson, M., Carrier, S., Lee, C. W., Greive, E., Lowe, R., Maher, M., & DiFrancesca, D. (2013). A STEM-focused elementary teacher preparation program: Student and alumni perceptions. Teacher Education and Practice, 26(4), 670-687.
  • Berry, R.Q. & Walkowiak, T. A. (2012). Using culturally relevant pedagogy and social justice to understand mathematics teaching in an urban context. In J. L. Moore & C. W. Lewis (Eds.), African American students in urban schools: Critical issues and solutions for achievement (pp. 161-183). New York: Peter Lang Publishers.
  • Walkowiak, T. A. & Berry, R. Q. (2012). Mathematics instructional quality and students’ opportunities to learn mathematics. In S. L. Reeder (Ed). Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning (pp. 153-161). Charlotte, NC.
  • Pinter, H. H., Berry, R. Q., & Walkowiak, T. A. (2012). Research to practice: Using the M-Scan observational measure to inform professional development. In S. L. Reeder (Ed). Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning (pp. 91-99). Charlotte, NC.
  • Merritt, E. G., Rimm-Kaufman, S. E., Berry, R. Q., Walkowiak, T. A., & McCracken, E. R. (2010). A reflection framework for teaching mathematics. Teaching Children Mathematics, 17(4), 238-248.
  • Walkowiak, T. A. (2010). An examination of algebraic reasoning: Elementary and middle school students’ analyses of pictorial growth patterns. In P. Brosnan, D. B. Erchick, & L. Flevares (Eds.). Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Columbus, OH: The Ohio State University.

Courses Taught

  • ELM 410 Children's Thinking and Multiplicative Reasoning
  • ELM 555 Number Systems and Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks
  • ELM 400 Connections Seminar III: Instructional Design and Assessment
  • ELM 654 Internship in Elementary Education

Research Areas