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N.C. Teaching Fellows

As a N.C. Teaching Fellow at NC State, you'll fill a critical need and receive a quality education that prepares you to make a difference in the lives of your students from your first day in the classroom.

Change Lives. And Change the World. Be a Teaching Fellow.

Join the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program at the NC State College of Education and receive up to $10,000 per year in forgivable loans to teach science, technology, engineering, mathematics or special education. Through us, you will leverage NC State’s standing as a STEM powerhouse to deepen your content knowledge, qualify for more leadership opportunities, and enhance your effectiveness and impact as a teacher.

Who is Eligible?

  • Seniors in high school in North Carolina
  • Current NC State students transferring into the NC State College of Education or adding a double major in education
  • Students at other community colleges or colleges in North Carolina transferring into a teacher education program
  • Individuals in North Carolina already with a bachelor’s degree seeking a teacher license

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When you join NC State’s N.C. Teaching Fellows Program, you join one of the nation’s best teacher education programs and will prepare to become an extraordinary educator.

Whether you’re a high school student, transfer student or working professional, we have a program that qualifies you to be part of the N.C. Teaching Fellows Program.

The program at NC State offers numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through a statewide retreat, social events, professional development and other enrichment opportunities, we become more than community support — we become a family.

Crystal Espey

Crystal Espey

Director, Teaching Fellows at NC State

Why I Chose the Teaching Fellows at NC State

“Just as how attending the N.C. School of Sciences and Mathematics allowed me to make friends and experiences that continue to help me in my life and goals, I believe that the vibrant community of Teaching Fellows will do the same. Being able to talk to others who share a genuine enthusiasm for knowledge and learning has been amazing, and having access to an even greater body of resources and experience is invaluable in learning.” — Nicholas Schankl, Sophomore in STEM education and a Teaching Fellow at NC State

Nicholas Schwankl

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Crystal Espey

Teaching Fellows Director at NC State