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Embedded Counselor

Through a shared embedded counselor position, with support from the Provost’s Office, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the College of Education and the College of Natural Resources are able to receive free counseling services on campus and virtually. 

William Hitt
William Hitt

Who is the embedded counselor?

The embedded counselor for the College of Education and College of Natural Resources is William Hitt. Before joining NC State in November 2023, William was a counselor at Pitt Community College, an academic counselor at East Carolina University and an embedded counselor at North Carolina Central University. He received a Master of Science in Counselor Education from East Carolina.

When is William available to meet with College of Education students? And how can I schedule a time to meet with him?

William is available to meet with College of Education students on Wednesdays and Thursdays, in Broughton 4209. You can sign up for appointments through the Counseling Center’s “get started” page or fill out the paperwork during the drop-in sessions that William will hold. 

William also hosts a counseling drop-in space in Broughton 2229 and virtually at from 2-4 p.m. each Wednesday. The drop-in space is designed to hold first come, first served informal 20-minute conversations to help you create a plan to support your wellness. This space is not designed to engage in therapy or to manage crises, although William will connect you with support if necessary.

To ensure that you are able to see the counselor during scheduled drop-in hours each week, we’ve instituted an online sign-up process for students to reserve slots. This way, no students will need to wait while the counselor finishes working with another student during drop-in hours, and instead may show up exactly at their allotted time. Simply navigate to to reserve your slot today! If you forget to sign up before coming, don’t worry! There will be an informational sheet placed outside of the counselor’s office with the sign-up link and associated QR code.

What can William help students with? 

William can provide both individual and group counseling, as well as psychoeducational workshop recommendations, and is equipped to help with crisis response. William has experience working with anxiety, drepression and other common concerns faced by college students. Since William is not a psychiatrist, he cannot prescribe medication. However, William can refer you to a psychiatrist or any other services you might need. 

Who is eligible to meet with William?

All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the College of Education and College of Natural Resources are eligible. William is also available to consult with staff and faculty in each college about a student.

What is the cost to meet with William? Will it be covered by student insurance? 

There is no cost for appointments with William. Insurance will not be billed. 

Where is William’s office?

William has two office locations. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, he will be in the College of Education, in Broughton 4209. He hosts his counseling drop-in space in Broughton 2229 and virtually at from 2-4 p.m. each Wednesday.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, William will be in the College of Natural Resources, in Biltmore Hall 2022D, which is near the College of Natural Resources’ Academic Affairs Suite.

William is available virtually on Fridays. 

What other wellness and mental health services are available? 

In addition to this embedded counselor position and services offered through each college and the university’s Counseling Center, all degree-seeking students at NC State can request up to 12 free telehealth counseling sessions with one of AcademicLiveCare’s licensed counselors over the course of a year. NC State also provides mental health resources and services for faculty and staff. In addition to resources offered through the Faculty and Staff Assistance ProgramState Health Plan members have access to mental health coverage and additional resources via the Behavioral Health Resource Center.  All of the university’s Wolfpack Wellness resources can be found at If you are concerned about a student, you can complete an online referral.