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Strategic Plan: 2023-2030

In Fall 2023, NC State’s College of Education launched a new strategic plan that will guide our college’s research, teaching, and service endeavors for years to come as we strive to live out our land-grant mission to advance the greater good for all learners. With the Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 as our compass, we will continue to lead the way in making a transformative impact on North Carolina and beyond, endeavoring every day to ensure all learners have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Drawing on NC State’s Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary strategic plan, the College of Education has developed a strategic foundation centered on focus areas: innovation, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and impact.

NC State’s College of Education is a research powerhouse grounded in its land-grant mission to advance the greater good.


in active research among colleges of education in N.C. (U.S. News)


ranked college of education in the nation (U.S. News)


in education and educational research among universities in the world (U.S. News)

Our Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 provides the strategic foundation that will better position us to live out our land-grant mission to meet the educational needs of learners, educators and leaders across North Carolina and beyond.

Paola Sztajn

Paola Sztajn

Dean, NC State College of Education