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Frequently Asked Questions about Transformational Scholars


Transformational Scholars will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • their admittance to NC State as first-year students
  • their demonstrated financial need
  • a resident of an Eastern North Carolina county 
  • their commitment to returning to Eastern North Carolina to teach for a minimum of 2-years
  • their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • their commitment to the teaching profession

If you are an undocumented student, refugee, of DACA student, please contact us at for separate instructions.

Yes. We do accept nominations from your school.

Meeting all of our eligibility criteria does not guarantee you will receive an invitation to apply.

No, receiving an invitation does not guarantee admission to NC State.

Yes. We encourage you to participate in all selection processes until a decision has been made on your candidacy. However, keep in mind that your scholarships cannot cover more than the cost of attendance (tuition, room, and board). 

Possibly. Students graduating from an early college program in partnership with a four-year university may be eligible for Transformational Scholars.

No. In the spirit of Transformational Scholars and the cohort model, students transferring from a community college are not eligible for the program. 

No. In the spirit of Transformational Scholars and the cohort model, students entering NC State with a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the program. 

Unfortunately, no. Transfer students are not eligible for the Transformational Scholars. 

Financial & Scholarship Questions

Candidates for the Transformational Scholars Program must submit their FAFSA by January 31th, 2024.

Transformational Scholars will receive $10,000 per year in scholarship support for up to four years, in addition to funds that support professional development such as study abroad and conference participation.

The Transformational Scholarships Program will provide financial aid support for up to four years.

Each year the program will admit 20 Transformational Scholars. 

No. However, if you have money leftover from your financial aid award after your semester expenses have been paid, you can use those funds towards the purchase of a computer.

Yes. If you have money leftover from your financial aid award (after your tuition and fees have been paid) those funds will be deposited into your bank account near the beginning of each semester, which can be used towards rent. The Transformational Scholars Program does not approve requests to receive these funds in advance.

The Transformation Scholarships Program only provides $10,000 per academic year. Thus this scholarship alone will not cover the full cost of attendance.

Yes. Since the Transformational Scholarships Program only provides $10,000 per academic year in financial aid, students are encouraged to apply to additional scholarships to receive a comprehensive funding package. 

Unfortunately, we are not authorized to provide tax advice. Since tax liability depends on each individual’s circumstances, scholars should consult a personal tax advisor with any questions or concerns. We also encourage you to reference the IRS Topic Number 421 – Scholarships, Fellowship Grants and Other Grants and the IRS Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Education to gain a complete understanding of education-related taxes and credits. In addition, the Poole College of Management accounting students offer Free Income Tax Prep Service for students.

Programming Questions

Transformational Scholars will participate in field experiences, summer work, student teaching and other activities that equip them to return to Eastern North Carolina to work as teachers after completing their undergraduate degree.

Transformational Scholars will receive direct mentoring from College of Education faculty and education leaders living and working in Eastern North Carolina, including graduates of NC State’s Leadership Academies (NELA).