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What is the edTPA?

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment, which teacher candidates complete during their student teaching semester as a licensure requirement. The edTPA consists of three tasks: Task 1 – Planning, Task 2 – Instruction, and Task 3 – Assessment. Each task is related to one learning segment, which consists of 3-5 consecutive hours of instruction for one class and complete all three tasks based on that learning segment. In Task 1, candidates complete a Context for Learning form describing their district, school, classroom, and students. They also submit their lesson plans and all associated instructional materials. Once they have crafted their lesson plans, candidates complete a commentary in which they are prompted to describe and reflect on their planning with special attention to the central focus, objectives, differentiation, rationale, and incorporation of academic language throughout the learning segment.

In Task 2, candidates video record themselves teaching the previously-described learning segment and choose two clips to submit from their lessons, along with a written commentary addressing the atmosphere of the classroom, the engagement of students, and differentiation.

In Task 3, candidates choose one assessment, which all students completed, to analyze. Candidates submit three student work samples of this assessment (one student must have a specific learning need such as an Individualized Education Plan or an English Language Learner designation) along with their feedback to those students. Again, in Task 3, candidates submit a written commentary, addressing class performance on the assessment, how the feedback given will help students, plans for future lessons, and academic language.

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