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NC Teach Eligibility & Cost

Eligibility for NC TEACH is the same as NC DPI’s Residency License requirements:
1. A bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.70 cumulative GPA
2. A degree in your content area, at least 24 hours your content area, OR the licensure exams in your content area
3. A current teaching position in one of the offered areas (full time, public school)

To be initially eligible for a Residency License and for NC TEACH, a candidate must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a Regionally Accredited Institution of Higher Education
  • A 2.70+ GPA to be eligible for a Residency license in North Carolina
  • One of the following to meet the initial eligibility “content” criteria:

1) A “relevant” degree in subject area, or
2) 24 hours in subject area (please see the Eligibility page for more information regarding the relevant degree), or
3) Passing Praxis II scores on the appropriate exams

NOTE: These are requirements for initial eligibility and to quality for a Residency License. In order to obtain full licensure, candidates must have 24 hours in addition to the Praxis II. In addition, candidates must be currently teaching in order to be accepted in the program.

DPI’s Requirements for Residency License:

NC TEACH at NC State utilizes the Department of Public Instruction’s Residency License requirements for our minimum eligibility requirements.

1 – GPA requirement:

You must have a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with at least a 2.70 minimum GPA (do not “round” your GPA).

If you have a transcript from a school outside the US, you must have it evaluated by international transcript evaluation agency. A list of suggested evaluation agencies is found at the bottom of the Admissions page.

2 – CONTENT requirement:

You must have ONE of these content requirements to qualify for a Residency License:

  • A degree relevant to the desired licensure area, or
  • 24 semester hours of coursework in the desired licensure area, or
  • Passing score(s) on the PRAXIS II test(s) for the desired licensure area

Praxis II Information
Spanish/French licensure applicants must pass the Praxis II in Spanish/French to be eligible for NC TEACH or a lateral entry position regardless of their degree or content hours. Chinese licensure applicants must receive an intermediate high on the Written and Oral Chinese ACTFL to be eligible for licensure regardless of content area.

Students should also refer to the Praxis website to double check and/or see if there is an exam they wish to register for that is not listed on the document.

Relevant Degrees and Courses:

Please select your specialty for specific information about relevant degrees and courses for each subject.

Licensure Areas Offered:

Approximate Cost:

Total program (residents): $5,274 ($879 per 3-hr class). Non-residents total cost is $20,868 ($3,478 per 3-hr class).

Students enroll in 6 NC TEACH hours per semester. This does not include the Praxis II Exam or additional content courses, if they are needed. You can review the estimated costs of attendance for information about the full cost of attendance, including expenses beyond tuition and fees.

Financial Aid:

NC TEACHers qualify for Financial Aid in the form of Direct Loan assistance and Distance Education need-based scholarships. Non-Degree students are not usually eligible for financial aid, but there is an exception when pursuing Teacher Licensure.

Upon acceptance into the program, NC TEACHers receive a Plan of Study (a Plan of Work) that can be shared with the Financial Aid office. It includes your required coursework necessary for Teacher Licensure.

Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information. The NC TEACH staff is not equipped to answer questions about financial aid and will recommend that you consult with an FA advisor.

If you are considering applying for NC TEACH, do not wait to fill out the FAFSA.