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NC State Holmes Scholars Alumni

Meet the alumni of the NC State Holmes Scholars Program chapter.

Class of 2023

Jerome Amedu received his Ph.D. in Learning and Teaching in STEM: Mathematics and Statistics Education concentration at NC State University. He has had a variety of teaching experiences ranging from teaching middle school mathematics and high school mathematics to serving as a teaching assistant on different undergraduate and graduate-level courses. While at NC State, he worked as a research assistant on different projects, including the Validation of the Equity and Access Rubrics for Mathematics Instruction (VEAR-MI) project. Amedu’s research interests include teacher informal learning and educational technology, as well as equity and diversity.

Michael Hoyes earned his Ph.D. in the Learning and Teaching in STEM: Mathematics and Statistics Education concentration. For his dissertation, he investigated the mathematics identity of African American high school males while course-taking with gender- and racially-congruent mathematics teachers. He served as a graduate research assistant working with Associate Dean Karen Hollebrands and Associate Professor Erin Krupa to train and establish master teachers in rural districts of North Carolina who can and will serve as teacher leaders within their district and the state. With over 10 years of classroom experience and three years of district-level teacher supervision experience, he has a professional goal of helping to create teachers who are mindful of their impact on student learning and opportunities to learn, and working to maximize the positive effects of teachers on their students