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Looking Ahead

The College of Education’s Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 centers on four focus areas—innovation, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness and impact—that are not just abstract concepts but practical pillars. They provide the framework that will guide our research, teaching and service endeavors in the coming years.

Implementing the plan—and fulfilling its vision—will require collective effort and shared commitments. Units, departments and centers/institutes across the College of Education will develop their own tailored action plans that align with and contribute to the college’s overall mission, vision and focus areas.

Additionally, moving forward, it will be crucial for us to proactively measure and monitor our progress, as well as commit to being a forward-looking college that continues to improve and do better as we know better. As a forward-looking college, we must also be flexible, agile and embrace the dynamic nature of education, acknowledging that unforeseen events and emerging challenges and opportunities may require adaptation along the way. At the same time, we must be steadfast in—and emboldened by—our land-grant mission to serve North Carolina and champion the educational success of all learners.

The field of education has faced significant challenges before. Each time, our college has risen to the occasion. With the Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 as our compass, we are poised to once again meet the moment and drive educational change that makes a lasting impact.

Together, we will transform education to create a more inclusive world for all learners.