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Student Services and Advising Center (SSAC)

The Student Services and Advising Center (SSAC) serves as an academic and co-curricular support and resource space for students within the College of Education. Within SSAC, students, faculty and staff may locate resources, information and staff dedicated to undergraduate student advising, graduate student support, student recruitment and retention outreach, diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as student success, engagement and leadership opportunities. 

The academic advising team provides professional advising for all freshmen, sophomores and transfer students enrolled in programs within the College of Education. As trained professionals, academic advisors supply valuable information about majors, courses, careers, requirements, policies, social life, academic support and transition issues.

Brooke Dove

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion

Crystal Espey

Teaching Fellows Director at NC State

Destiny Faison

Administrative Assistant, Student Services and Advising Center

William Hitt

Embedded Counselor with College of Education and College of Natural Resources

Allison Mitchall

Assistant Dean for Student Success

Demetrius Richmond

Senior Director of Student Services and Graduate Student Support

Mike Steadman

Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator


NC State College of Education
2310 Stinson Drive
505 Poe Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695

Student Success and Advising Center