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Current Students

From the moment you step on campus until the moment you graduate, we are here to help you be an extraordinary student, educator, counselor and leader.

Meghan Enoch ’22

“My experience with the College of Education has been extraordinary because of the ample amount of resources and support that I’ve been provided as a student. I’ve also met a wonderful community of others who also share the same passions and interests as me in wanting to make a difference in the community.” — Meghan Enoch ’22, Elementary Education

Meghan Enoch

Jim Bitzes ’21MAT

“Teaching is art, philosophy and science. Our MAT program professors push all of us to examine ourselves, learn about the various philosophies that have underpinned education, develop an understanding of learning and education psychology and practice the art of teaching. As a former military leader, I can say, unequivocally, that our professors get leadership and that teachers are leaders.” — James “Jim” Bitzes ’21MAT, Master of Arts in Teaching

Jim Bitzes

Student Resources

We are committed to providing our students with a welcoming, inclusive environment where students of all backgrounds feel respected, supported and encouraged.

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