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Deans’ Cabinet

Krista D. Glazewski

Executive Director, Friday Institute, and Associate Dean for Translational Research

Karen Hollebrands

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Erin Horne

Assistant Dean for Professional Education and Accreditation

John Lee

Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Department Heads

Aaron Clark

Head of Department of STEM Education

Joy Gaston Gayles

Head, Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development and Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor

Kevin Oliver

Head, Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

Leadership Team

The College of Education’s Leadership Team includes all members of the deans’ cabinet and department heads that are listed above and the following representatives:

Cherry Crayton

Executive Director of Marketing and Communication

Cameron Denson

Associate Professor and Chair, College of Education Faculty

Matt Friedrick

Executive Director of Development

Dr. Audrey J. Jaeger

W. Dallas Herring Professor of Community College Education

Keith Walkowiak

Co-chair, College of Education Staff Organization (CED So), and University-School Partnership Coordinator

Administrative Support to Deans’ Cabinet

Mary Morris

Executive Assistant to Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Trish Sandman

Executive Assistant to the Dean