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Nearly 100 years ago, North Carolina State University began awarding its first degrees in education. Today, as a research powerhouse grounded in its land-grant mission, NC State’s College of Education stands as one of the best colleges of education in the nation—and is the very best of its kind in North Carolina. We prepare more STEM educators than any other college in the state. We generate more educational research based on active grants than any college in the state. And we graduate more highly effective educators based on employer surveys than any other college in the state. Our College of Education has made North Carolina better.

Yet, the events of the past few years, including a global pandemic, have changed education forever, revealing new challenges and exacerbating existing ones that necessitate urgent action:

  • Schools, community colleges and other institutions of higher education are increasingly striving to prepare learners for future careers that may not exist today.
  • Technological advancements are changing the core tools used to educate learners.
  • Community needs and expectations about education and professional educators are constantly shifting.
  • Persistent opportunity gaps are continuing to hinder the potential of all learners.

Drawing on NC State’s Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary strategic plan, the College of Education has developed a strategic foundation to tackle these current and emerging educational challenges through our teaching, research and service. This framework—our Strategic Plan: 2023-2030—provides a clear imperative that we must:

  • Embrace innovation and commit to continuous improvement and inquiry, leveraging new technologies and tools to drive research and transform experiences for learners.
  • Integrate interdisciplinarity into our research, teaching and service to create solutions that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.
  • Foster inclusiveness where all voices are heard and diverse thoughts and perspectives are championed, considered and valued.
  • Amplify our impact by leveraging our expertise, partnerships and networks to generate new knowledge and solve educational problems.

With these four focus areas at the center of our Strategic Plan: 2023-2030, our college will be well positioned to be part of the solution in addressing North Carolina’s pressing and future educational needs. We will build on our land-grant mission to advance the greater good through the extraordinary educators we prepare, the innovative research we conduct and the meaningful service we provide.

With the Strategic Plan: 2023-2030 as our guide, NC State’s College of Education will continue to lead the way in making a transformative impact on North Carolina and beyond, endeavoring every day to ensure all learners have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.