Program Contact

Matt Reynolds, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor
Science Education
Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Bachelor of Science

Science Education – Middle School or Secondary

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (STEM Ed)

As an exciting, cutting-edge discipline, there is a crucial need for science teachers in the 21st century. With a teaching license in the science areas, our graduates will be able to seek employment and make a positive difference in the future of their communities.

Program Description

Our high-quality Department of STEM Education program thoroughly prepares secondary education teacher leaders for middle school and high school science teaching in the concentration areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Middle Grades Science.

The goals and objectives of the BS degree in Science Education are:

  • To enable and ensure that each prospective teacher enriches his/her life through a comprehensive university education
  • To develop the professional qualities and academic background needed to teach science to all student levels in the grade for which the teacher is certified
  • To develop a general knowledge foundation upon which specialized professional knowledge is built, and upon which a well-rounded university education is the base

Coursework for the degree is divided into four types of knowledge:

  • General pedagogical knowledge — the nature of learners and general principles of instruction
  • Content-area knowledge — knowledge of the natural sciences
  • Pedagogical content knowledge — principles of curriculum, instruction and assessment directly related to the natural sciences
  • Context knowledge — understanding the culture of the school, community and society in which educational institutions exist and function

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Admission Requirements

CAEP_LogoTo student teach, students must: