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Kevin Oliver

Head, Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

Irene Armstrong

Graduate Student Services Specialist

Candy Beal

Associate Professor, Middle Grades Social Studies Education

Vandna Bindra

Assistant Teaching Professor

Laura Bottomley

Director, Women in Engr., Engr. Education and The Engineering Place

Maria Coady

Goodnight Distinguished Professor in Educational Equity

Barbara Copeland

Undergraduate Student Services Specialist

Cathy Crossland

Professor, Director of the Diagnostic Teaching Clinic

Dennis S. Davis

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Deniz Eseryel

Associate Professor, Learning Design and Technology

Michelle Falter

Associate Professor of English Education

DeLeon Gray

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology and Equity

Jill Grifenhagen

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Early Literacy & Elementary Education

Kristin Hoffmann

Special Education Program Coordinator, Clinical Assistant Professor

Micha Jeffries

Teaching Assistant Professor, Director of MAT program

Shiyan Jiang

Assistant Professor, Learning Design and Technology

Jill Jones

Teaching Assistant Professor

Kari Kuebel

University-School Partnership Liaison

John Lee

Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Crystal Chen Lee

Assistant Professor, English Language Arts Education

Jordan Lukins

Assistant Teaching Professor

Florence Martin

Professor of Learning, Design and Technology

James Minogue

Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Jamie Pearson

Assistant Professor of Special Education and Educational Equity

Autism, Families, Equity

Jackie Eunjung Relyea

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

Terrell E. Robinson

Assistant Teaching Professor, Business and Marketing Education

Hiller Spires

Executive Director and Professor Emerita

Temple Walkowiak

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Keith Walkowiak

University-School Partnership Coordinator

Angela Wiseman

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Carl Young

Associate Professor, English Language Arts Education