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Aaron Clark

Head of Department of STEM Education

Robin Anderson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

K.C. Busch

Associate Professor of Science Education

Sunghwan Byun

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Jere Confrey

Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education

Cesar Delgado

Associate Professor

Science Education

Cameron Denson

Associate Professor and Chair, College of Education Faculty

Karen Hollebrands

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Gail Jones

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor

Tamecia Jones

Assistant Professor of STEM Education

Hollylynne Lee

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education

Brian Matthews

Assistant Professor & Facilities Manager

Parks Newby

Assistant Teaching Professor

Soonhye Park

Professor of Science Education

Matt Reynolds

Assistant Teaching Professor of Science Education

Margaret Blanchard

Professor of Science Education, Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professor, and University Faculty Scholar

Grace Carroll

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of STEM Education

Daniel Kelly

Assistant Professor of Technology, Engineering, and Design Education

Rachel Reid

Executive Assistant to STEM Education Department Head

Maya Stafford

Graduate Services Coordinator, Department of STEM Education

Janet Walton

Senior Research Scholar