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Friday Institute

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Krista D. Glazewski

Executive Director, Friday Institute, and Associate Dean for Translational Research

Amir Lawrence

Cybersecurity Analyst, Friday Institute

Joy Alcantara Chuquiruna

Research Assistant, Friday Institute

Aaron Arenas

Research Assistant, Friday Institute

Michael Babb

IT Bus Intelli/Data AnalysisII

Jonathan Barbee

Executive Assistant and Events Manager

James Birkett

Software Engineer, Friday Institute

Emma Braaten

Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Friday Institute

Heather Bronson

Director of Communications at Friday Institute

Meghan Day

Bus & Tech App Technician

Callie Edwards

Director, Program Evaluation and Education Research | Director, Strategic Initiatives

Equity, Student Success, Evaluation

Kimberly Farnsworth

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Kenneth Ferguson

Director of IT, Friday Institute

Alicia Fischer

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Krista Holland

Professional Learning Scholar, Friday Institute

Erin Huggins

Associate Director of Program Evaluation and Educational Research

Dragica Mastilovic Jovanovic

Technology Support Technician, Friday Institute

Shaun Kellogg

Senior Director, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Lynn Maruna

Administrative Support Assoc

Cynthia Pullen

Administrative Support Assoc

Carrie Robledo

Computer Science Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Hiller Spires

Executive Director and Professor Emerita

Ellen Stasik

Administrative Support Associate, Friday Institute

Jaclyn Stevens

Senior Research Scholar

Russell Strand-Poole

Computer Science Education Scholar, Friday Institute

Charlette Thorb

Administrative Support Specialist, Friday Institute

Amy Walter

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Braska Williams Jr

Director, NC-MSEN Pre-College Program, NC State