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Patricia Ashley

Teaching Asst Professor and Program Director

Candy Beal

Associate Professor, Middle Grades Social Studies Education

Laura Bottomley

Director, Women in Engr. and The Engineering Place

Cristina Braga

Asst Teaching Professor

K.C. Busch

Assistant Professor of STEM Education

Sunghwan Byun

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Brenda Champion

Executive Director of Leadership Academies and Teaching Assistant Professor

Nicole Childs

Teaching Asst Professor

Aaron Clark

Department Head for STEM Education

Jere Confrey

Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education

Cathy Crossland

Professor, Director of the Diagnostic Teaching Clinic

Dennis S. Davis

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Jessica DeCuir-Gunby

Head, Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

Deniz Eseryel

Associate Professor, Learning Design and Technology

Michelle Falter

Assistant Professor of English Education & Educational Equity

Lance Fusarelli

Professor and Director of Graduate Programs

Joy Gaston Gayles

Senior Advisor for Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DeLeon Gray

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology and Equity

Jill Grifenhagen

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

Ann Duffy Harrington

Teaching Associate Professor, Reading Education

Karen Hollebrands

Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Erin Horne

Assistant Dean for Assessment and Professional Education

Jessica Hunt

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, Special Education

Audrey J. Jaeger

W. Dallas Herring Professor of Community College Education

Micha Jeffries

Teaching Assistant Professor, Director of MAT program

Gail Jones

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor

Jill Jones

Teaching Assistant Professor

Carol Kasworm

Professor Emerita, W. Dallas Herring Professor

Shaun Kellogg

Director, Friday Institute Research & Evaluation Team

Kari Kuebel

University-School Partnership Liaison

John Lee

Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Hollylynne Lee

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education

Crystal Chen Lee

Assistant Professor, English Language Arts Education

Brian Matthews

Assistant Professor & Facilities Manager

James Minogue

Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Rolanda Mitchell

Assistant Teaching Professor, Counselor Education, ELPHD Department

Sylvia Nassar

Professor and Program Coordinator of Counselor Education

Parks Newby

Assistant Teaching Professor

Kevin Oliver

Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT)

Jamie Pearson

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Jose Picart

Professor of Counselor Education and Deputy Director, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation

Carol Pope

Professor Emeritus, English Language Arts Education

Jackie Eunjung Relyea

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

Matt Reynolds

Assistant Teaching Professor

Fran P. Riddick

Executive Director of Leadership Innovation

Terrell E. Robinson PhD

Coordinator, Business and Marketing Education Initial Licensure Program

Alyssa Rockenbach

Professor & Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor

Hiller Spires PhD

Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Friday Institute

Robert Templin

Adjunct Professor of the Practice

Siuman Raymond Ting

Professor, Director of Graduate Programs

Elizabeth Vincent

Assistant Teaching Professor of Counselor and Counseling Education

Temple Walkowiak

Associate Professor, Mathematics Education

Carrol Warren

Teaching Assistant Professor

Cathy Williams

Teaching Assistant Professor and Cohort Director

Anona Smith Williams

Associate Dean for Student Success and Strategic Community Engagement

Jonee Wilson

Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education

Angela Wiseman

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Carl Young

Associate Professor, English Language Arts Education

Tamara Young

Associate Professor in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development