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Hollylynne Lee

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education

Senior Faculty Fellow, Friday Institute

Poe Hall 502D

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Dr. Lee has been at NC State since 2000. Her research interests include teaching and learning of probability, statistics, and data science, especially incorporating technology use and designing technology environments that facilitate students’ learning. She situates her work in educational design in order to provide the best learning opportunities for students in K-12, her university students, and educators around the world that engage with her in online professional development.

Research Description

Hollylynne Lee is serving as an RTI University Scholar in 2018-2019. Dr. Lee is a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education in the STEM Education department at NC State University, and a Senior Faculty Fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Her research expertise focues on teaching and learning of probability, statistics, and data science in grades 4-14. She is an expert on the design and use of technology tools to facilitate students’ learning of mathematics and statistics, as well as preparing preservice and inservice teachers to use technology in mathematics (e.g., She currently has over 4.5 million in funding from IES and NSF to fund her research, and is the director of the Hub for Innovation and Research in Statistics Education at the Friday Institute []. She collaborates with a strong team of researchers and graduate students at the Friday Institute, as well as faculty, researchers, and technological designers at organizations such as RTI International, Research Matters Inc, University of Georgia, Eastern Michigan University, University of Southern Indiana, Middle Tennessee State University, UNC Charlotte, and Concord Consortium. Her current work includes developing and implementing MOOCs and microcredentials to assist teachers in preparing to teach statistics and data science ( and .

Selected Scholarly Publications

  • Sample Recent Publications::
    • McCulloch, A. W., Hollebrands, K. F., Lee, H. S., Harrison, T. R., & Mutlu, A. (2018). Factors that influence secondary mathematics teachers’ uses of technology. Computers & Education 123, 26-40.
    • Lee, H. S. (2018). Probability concepts needed for teaching a repeated sampling approach to inference. In C. Batanero & E. Chernoff (Eds.), Teaching and Learning Stochastics: Advances in Probability Education Research (pp. 89-102). Springer: Cham, Switzerland
    •  Arnold, P., Confrey, J., Jones, S., Lee, H. S., & Pfannkuch, M. (2018). Learning trajectories in statistics education. In D. Ben-Zvi, K. Makar, & J. Garfield, (Eds.), International Handbook of Statistics Education (pp. 295-326). Springer: Cham, Switzerland.
    • Lee, H. S., & Stangl, D. (2017). Design and implementation of professional development MOOCs for teachers of statistics. AMSTAT News (Special issue on Statistics Education), September, Available online:
    • Lovett, J. N., & Lee, H. S. (2017). New standards require teaching more statistics in high school: Are preservice mathematics teachers ready? Journal of Teacher Education 68(3), 299-311. [JTE featured an interview with us about this article in their Insiders Blog in September 2017. The interview was picked up by EdPrepMatters and redistributed on their website.]
    •  Batanero, C., Chernoff, E., Engel, J., Lee, H. S., & Sanchez, E. (2016). Research in teaching and learning probability: An International Congress of Mathematical Education Topical Survey. (40 pages), Springer.
    • Hollebrands, K. F., McCulloch, A., & Lee, H. S. (2016). Prospective teachers’ incorporation of technology in mathematics lesson plans. In M. Niess, S. Driskell, & K. F. Hollebrands (Eds.), Handbook of research on transforming mathematics teacher education in the digital age (pp. 272-292). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Courses Taught

  • Recent Courses Taught Include:
    • EMS 480/580 Teaching and Learning Mathematics with Technology
    • EMS/ST 519 Teaching and Learning Statistical Thinking
    • EMS 770 Foundations in Mathematics Education Research

Honors and Awards

  • Recent Awards
    • 2018 named an RTI University Scholar
    • 2014 NC State Alumnae Association Outstanding Teacher Award
    • 2013 named an NC State University Scholar
    • 2012 received National Technology Leadership Initiative Fellowship for Mathematics Education for best research paper at Association of Mathematics Teacher Education conference


Doctor of Philosophy Mathematics Education the University of Virginia