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Michael Jarry-Shore

Assistant Professor of Elementary Education (Mathematics Emphasis)


Poe Building, 217D


I am an assistant professor of elementary education at North Carolina State University, where I teach elementary math-methods in the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences. In my research, I seek to understand how teachers go about meeting the many demands of implementing current visions of ambitious and equitable mathematics instruction, whereby students have opportunities to solve challenging, worthwhile problems using strategies that they devise themselves. I also study professional learning opportunities designed to support teachers in meeting these demands, with a particular focus on the facilitation of professional learning. My current research examines productive struggle and the role of the teacher in noticing struggle and ensuring that students have sustained opportunities to experience productive struggle in their learning.

Selected Scholarly Publications

Nieman, H., Jackson, K., Jarry-Shore, M., Borko, H., Kazemi, E., Chinen, S., Lenges, A., Yilmaz, Z., & Haines, C. (2023). Using a practical measure to support inquiry into professional development facilitation. Mathematics Teacher Educator, 12(1), 70–83.

Jarry-Shore, M., & Borko, H. (2023). The role of contextual knowledge in noticing students’ strategies in-the-moment. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 1–21.

Dyer, E. B., Jarry-Shore, M., Fong, A., Deutscher, R., Carlson, J., & Borko, H. (2023). Teachers’ engagement with student mathematical agency and authority in school-based professional learning. Teaching and Teacher Education, 121, 103881.

Jarry-Shore, M., Delaney, V., & Borko, H. (2022). Sustaining at scale: District mathematics specialists’ adaptations to a teacher leadership preparation program. Investigations in Mathematics Learning, 15(1), 67–84.

Borko, H., Carlson, J., Deutscher, R., Boles, K. L., Docherty, V. D., Fong, A. B., Jarry-Shore, M., Malamut, J., Million, S., Mozenter, S. J., & Villa, A. M. (2021). Learning to lead: An approach to mathematics teacher leader development. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 19(1), 121–143.

Jarry-Shore, M., & Kobiela, M. (2020). What pre-service teachers say and do when deciphering students’ multiple solution strategies: Decomposing a critical teaching practice. The Elementary School Journal, 120(3), 373–398.

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Area(s) of Expertise

Teacher noticing, productive struggle, using video in education research, facilitation of professional learning