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Krista D. Glazewski

Executive Director, Friday Institute, and Associate Dean for Translational Research


Krista D. Glazewski — an expert in problem-based learning, scaffolding and teacher professional development— joined NC State on July 1, 2023, as the executive director of the William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (FI) and associate dean for translational research with NC State’s College of Education. Previously, she was a professor and department chair of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University’s School of Education.

A lifelong educator, Glazewski is a former middle school teacher originally from New Mexico. Her partnership work has spanned multiple regions in the U.S. to investigate how and under what conditions teachers might adopt and adapt new practices. The integration of these ideas has resulted in numerous contributions, and is distinguished by over 70 publications and $10 million in external funding primarily from the National Science Foundation, US Department of Education and the Department of Defense.

Her work has focused on ways to develop instruction to support learning through complex problem solving with problem-, project-, case- and inquiry-based learning supported by foundational and emergent technologies. She has conducted this work in a variety of diverse contexts, from K-12 schools to the U.S. military to engineering education and in places all around the world. She also works with the National Science Foundation AI Institute for Engaged Learning, which is headquartered at NC State, as part of their senior personnel.