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Amir Lawrence

Cybersecurity Analyst, Friday Institute

Joy Alcantara Chuquiruna

Research Assistant, Friday Institute

Deneshia Anderson

Assistant Director of Research Development

Aaron Arenas

Research Assistant, Friday Institute

Irene Armstrong

Graduate Student Services Specialist

Tish Attayek

Director of Research Development

Michael Babb

IT Bus Intelli/Data AnalysisII

Jonathan Barbee

Executive Assistant and Events Manager

Trip Belote

Senior Research Associate, Belk Center for Community College Research and Leadership

James Birkett

Software Engineer, Friday Institute

Carol Bono

Digital Storyteller and Multimedia Specialist

Emma Braaten

Director of Digital Teaching and Learning, Friday Institute

Heather Bronson

Director of Communications at Friday Institute

Grace Carroll

Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of STEM Education

Ryan Clancy

Writer and Content Creator

Suzanne Clayton

Scholarship Program Specialist and Assistant to the Associate Dean for Student Success

Barbara Copeland

Undergraduate Student Services Specialist

Steven Cory

Web Developer, Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research

Cherry Crayton

Executive Director of Marketing and Communication

Jared DeMarais

Technology Support Technician

Leticia DeOliveira

Accounting Technician in Research Management

Brooke Dove

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion

Timothy Drake

Associate Professor of Education Leadership and Policy

Cyndi Edgington

Assoc Teaching Professor

Teacher preparation

Crystal Espey

Teaching Fellows Director at NC State

Destiny Faison

Administrative Assistant, Student Services and Advising Center

Kimberly Farnsworth

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Kenneth Ferguson

Director of IT, Friday Institute

Alicia Fischer

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Kendra Free

Visual Arts Specialist

Matt Friedrick

Executive Director of Philanthropy

Jasmine Garcia

Administrative Assistant

Paige Goos

Coordinator of Clinical Experiences and Licensure, Professional Education

Tyler Harper-Gampp

Postdoctoral Researcher, Science Education

Christina Hibbs

Senior HRIMA System Quality Assurance Consultant

Kirsten Hoeflaken

Staff Senator and University Program Associate for Knowledge Management and Assessment

Kristin Hoffmann

Special Education Program Coordinator, Clinical Assistant Professor

Krista Holland

Professional Learning Scholar, Friday Institute

Lindsey Hubbard

Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships

Henry Johnson

Professor of the Practice

Kimmy Johnson

Program Assistant, Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program

Dragica Mastilovic Jovanovic

Technology Support Technician, Friday Institute

Bryson Keen

Facilities Operations Project Coordinator

Martha Lawrence

Lead Teacher - Science and Math Methods

Sharon Lova

NSF Research Project Manager

Trisha Mackey

Director, Transformational Scholarships Program

Allison Mitchall

Assistant Dean for Student Success

Mary Morris

Executive Assistant to Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Ry-Yon Nixon

Fiscal Manager, Research Office

Soonhye Park

Professor of Science Education

Ashley Persons

Wake STEM Early College High School Liaison

Lisa Pierson

Director of Finances and Human Resources, Belk Center

Cynthia Pullen

Administrative Support Assoc

Runako Reed

Graduate Services Coordinator, ELPHD

Annie Reese

Director of Finance and Business Operations

Rachel Reid

Administrative Staff of STEM Education Department

Demetrius Richmond

Senior Director of Student Services and Graduate Student Support

Carrie Robledo

Computer Science Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Trish Sandman

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Gail Sinkovic

Human Resources Assistant

Maya Stafford

Graduate Services Coordinator, Department of STEM Education

Ellen Stasik

Administrative Support Associate, Friday Institute

Jaclyn Stevens

Senior Research Scholar

Russell Strand-Poole

Computer Science Education Scholar, Friday Institute

Scott Summers

Assistant Director, METRC

Charlette Thorb

Administrative Support Specialist, Friday Institute

Nick Thorpe

Director of Research Management

Keith Walkowiak

Co-chair, College of Education Staff Organization (CED So), and University-School Partnership Coordinator

Amy Walter

Research Scholar, Friday Institute

Michael Ward

Professor of the Practice

Dr. Tamira White

Program Manager, Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program

Alex Wilkinson

Leadership Annual Giving Officer

Braska Williams Jr

Director, NC-MSEN Pre-College Program, NC State

Mark Williams

Director of Educational IT and Facilities

Lesley Wirt

Associate Director of Principal Preparation

Zuhal Yilmaz

Research Associate

Mathematics Coaching, Computational Thinking, AI use in Mathematics Education