Program Contact

Nicole Childs, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Professor
GCCE Program Director

Degree: Graduate Certificate

Concentration: Counselor Education

Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development (ELPHD)
Delivery Method: Online


Our innovative online program prepares school teachers, administrators, staff, advisors, tutors in schools and universities, human service workers, and individuals interested in counseling work to advocate and support students, their families, clients and local communities. Our certificate program allows students to learn in a flexible environment, with flexible online classwork, without the hassle of traffic and on-campus parking. Students will meet online each week for a 90-minute interactive discussion with the professor, instructors and classmates, in order to stay connected and challenged.

Important Dates
April 15, 2021
Application deadline
Limited seats for rolling basis admissions
Classes start from Summer II

Program Description

Graduates from this program can provide paraprofessional counseling to assist licensed professional counselors. The certificate program alone does not prepare students to work as professional counselors. In order to work in professional counseling, additional classes, training and licensure will be required through a master’s degree program.

An online student tutorial is provided before classes begin, and technical support is available.

Students will:

  • Learn current practices and what’s new in the field
  • Develop and apply essential skills and interventions in counseling
  • Understand and handle multi-cultural counseling challenges

Admission Requirements

We encourage all interested students to apply. Applicants should have a 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA, but may be admitted provisionally based on related graduate classes completed in the field of education, human services or training and development, and, ultimately, by earning at least a “B” (3.0) average in the first GCCE class.

  • Completed online Graduate School application and admission fee
  • Resume outlining education and work experience

Admission to the GCCE online program takes place in the spring for a summer start. Rolling base admissions are possible if seats are available. Check online for current deadlines. Email us at with any questions.

Course of Study

Students will begin the one-year program during Summer II (end of June) and have one year to complete the required four classes. Should you choose to pursue a master’s degree in counseling, these credits may be eligible for transfer into your program.


Course descriptions can be found in the university course catalog.

  • Introduction to Counseling (ECD 510)
  • Career Counseling and Development (ECD 524)
  • Theories and Techniques of Counseling (ECD 530)
  • Cross Cultural Counseling (ECD 525)


Applying for the Graduate Certificate in Counselor Education:

Students complete online application from the Graduate School and pay the admission fees:


Admission to the GCCE online program is on a rolling basis. Priority deadline is April 15 for summer enrollment.

We expect students to begin in Summer II semester and complete the program in one year.