Professional Development

Effective teachers commit to furthering their own learning as well as their students’ learning. Practicing educators take part in regular professional development opportunities in order to be effective and engaged teachers. The College of Education fosters this career-long commitment to learning and professional development by requiring our undergraduate students seeking initial licensure to complete a series of Professional Growth Units, or PGUs.

All undergraduate students in licensure majors who entered NC State in fall 2011 or later must complete a minimum of 4.5 PGUs prior to graduation. All MAT students must complete a minimum of 2 PGUs prior to graduation. It is recommended that all undergraduate students complete a minimum of 1.5 PGUs per year and MAT students complete a minimum of 1.0 PGU per year. You cannot complete all of your PGU requirements in one academic year.

The College holds a variety of professional development events each semester that offer PGU credit. Qualifying events lasting 45 minutes to one hour earn 0.5 PGU, with longer events earning additional PGU credit. The maximum number of PGUs a student can earn for a single event is 1.5. We expect students to have completed a variety of opportunities within their required PGUs. Therefore, attending the same PGU experience every year will not be accepted. For example, all PGUs coming from conference attendance will not be accepted.

This semester’s events are listed below.

Please check back frequently as new events will be listed as they become available.

PD 661 – NCSU Triangle High Five Joint Math/Science Summit 2018

STEM – The Power of Integration:

Preparing Future-Ready Students

The NCSU Triangle High Five Collaborative has invited you to attend our annual Summit at Talley Student Center. This event attracts teachers and administrators from across the Triangle region. Come meet your future colleagues! We have a fabulous keynote address (see below) and so many great sessions for you to attend. Sessions and Activities range from dead bugs in your light bulbs to constructive course discussion to teaching measurement, and more!

Wednesday, August 1st is for elementary math and science educators.

Thursday, August 2nd is for secondary math and science educators.

Last year’s Math Summit was a huge success with over 600 teachers in attendance. This year’s event is open to both math and science teachers. Sessions will not only provide ideas for math and science instruction but also ideas for integrating math and science concepts to prepare our students to be future-ready.

Session 661 001:
Date: Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
Time: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Talley Student Union
Audience: Elementary Education Students
Instructor/contact: Valerie Faulkner
Credit: 1.5

Session 661 002:
Thursday, August 2nd, 2018
Time: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Talley Student Union
Audience: Middle/ Secondary Education math/science students
Instructor/contact: Valerie Faulkner
Credit: 1.5


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