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Why I Chose Education

What does it mean to become part of the NC State College of Education community?

Simple Question, Powerful Answers:

We asked educators why they chose to enter the field of education and they shared their inspiring stories. From current students to those who have worked in education for decades, take a look at why our alumni chose to make a difference in the lives of children.

“There is nothing better than helping a student build confidence in their abilities and believe that they are capable. Teaching is my calling and I am so happy that I found it”

– Ashley Lawson ’18

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“I was the invisible child in school. Always behaved, made average grades, nothing notable so nothing noticed. Through good counseling and mentoring, I was called to education. I quickly realized this would give me the tools to make sure other kids never felt the way I did in school”

– Lisa Arment Cummings ’01

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“I decided that I would change the world for students of color in STEM by becoming a math teacher since few people ever see a black man as a math teacher”

– Braska Williams ’89

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Why Extraordinary Educators Choose Us:


College for teacher preparation in North Carolina*


Producer of STEM Educators in N.C.


College that awards education degrees in North Carolina

Sources: U.S. News, UNC Educator Quality Dashboard, and College Magazine

“Teachers are, at different times and for different people, all things. We are nurturers, rock stars and cheerleaders.”

– Rabbi Marc Kasten

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“I always had it in the back of my head that I would potentially end up in education. When it came down to deciding where I was going to fit in within that, I noticed there were so few men in elementary education. I knew my impact could be even greater by being one of those few men.”

– Stephen McKinney

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Why Did You Choose Education?

We’re asking our alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends to share why they chose the field of education and to show their NC State College of Education pride. Just tag your photos #WhyIChoseEducation on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

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Meet our new interim dean, Paola Sztajn.
"As interim dean, I want to help the college keep moving forward as well strengthen a few values that I hold very dear, which are shared governance, transparency and open communication. These ideas are important to me, and I really believe there is an opportunity to strengthen them in the college in a way that makes us even stronger.
I want to help the college continue its growth trajectory. I hope to work very closely with the leadership team and the faculty, staff and students to identify priorities that are of immediate need so that the college is at an even better place when we get a permanent dean."
Thank you, Dean Danowitz. 
Today, Mary Ann Danowitz steps down as dean of our college, an experience she describes as the highlight of her five-decade career in education.