The College of Education is committed to providing students with a welcoming, inclusive environment where students of all backgrounds feel respected, supported and encouraged.

To that end, the College of Education seeks to provide our students with opportunities to explore their heritage, celebrate their cultural differences and similarities, and engage in open discussion about how they can become better educators in a diverse world.

The College of Education is proud of its diverse community and seeks to find opportunities for students, faculty, and administrators to collaborate on issues of diversity.  The College sponsors and supports a variety of student clubs, academic committees, events, and programs that celebrate our diverse population and the contribution of each group to our campus and our community.

Below is a list of the diversity-related programs, academic resources, clubs, and events that the College supports.

Dedicated Diversity Coordinator

The College of Education is committed to the academic success of our diverse student body and our commitment is shown through our various support initiatives such as the USC “Freshman Advancement” course and a dedicated professional staff member, Regina Gavin Williams, who monitors the progress of students of color from orientation to graduation.

  • The Freshman Advancement Seminar (USC 110)  is a one credit, fall semester freshman course that teaches academic success strategies for the college environment with an emphasis on issues of diversity in teacher education. Course topics include cultural exploration and identity development, course planning, time management, study strategies, professionalism and communication among others.  The course fulfills the university’s diversity co-requisite for the General Education Program. USC 110 is small and interactive and there are many opportunities for students to engage in discussion.  Lasting friendships are often formed in this course!

Multicultural Young Educators Network (MYEN)

The purpose of MYEN is to promote unity among diverse groups of students in the college and in the university, to prepare future educators to be competent in diverse environments, and to perform service projects related to education with a focus on cultural awareness.  MYEN is open to students of any major on campus. The club hosts a variety of community service projects and cultural workshops to help diverse students connect within the College of Education.

For more information, contact:

Advisor: Tiffany Wiggins, Ph.D.

VISION Newsletter

The VISION newsletter is published bi-monthly as a resource for the multicultural student community in the College of Education.  VISION includes highlights of student successes, articles of interest to future educators, upcoming events, diversity issues and more.  The newsletter features articles often written by current College of Education students.

Diversity Workshops

The College of Education hosts a variety of workshops and lectures on diversity-related topics.  Past workshops have included panel discussions, film viewings and guests speakers on topics such as Dialect Diversity, Colorism, Activities for a Diverse Classroom, Supporting Latino Students & Families in the Schools, Native American Cultural Awareness in Education, among others.  The overall goal is to ensure that our future educators are culturally competent and aware of how they can best form strong relationships with the diverse students and families in our school and community environments.  Many of these sessions count for the Professional Growth Unit (PGU) requirement for all teacher education majors.

COMID (Council on Multicultural Initiatives & Diversity)

COMID (Council on Multicultural Initiatives & Diversity) formed in 2007 to support and stimulate a climate that nurtures and values diversity in the College of Education; build and maintain a diverse faculty, staff, administrator and student community; and prepare educations as citizens of the world.  The group is comprised of faculty, administrators, deans and student representatives.  This committee serves as a sounding board for diversity issues and concerns within the college.

For more information, contact:

Valerie N. Faulkner, Ph.D.