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Community Allies for Reading Engagement (CARE)

Support young learners and become trained to be a Reading Ally. 

Through NC State’s Community Allies for Reading Engagement (CARE), you can become trained to be a reading ally and help K-5 students improve their reading. You’ll learn how K-5 children learn to read and how you can help them improve their reading. This program is specifically designed for individuals who have no or minimal training in how to teach reading.

Program Details

This reading tutoring training program consists of five modules that encompass 28 competencies to prepare tutors who work with and support reading instruction. Based on the science of reading, this program will provide participants opportunities to observe and engage in self-checks, practice with feedback from a facilitator, and access resources with a tool-kit takeaway in each module.

Modules address issues such as identifying and implementing tutoring routines for important aspects of earlier literacy, including building children’s

  • phonemic awareness,
  • word decoding skills,
  • word analysis skills, and
  • vocabulary.

Through the modules, you will also learn to build relationships with the students you are tutoring and how to gather information about their reading needs.

The program is an online, self-paced professional development program, and participants will have access to the modules and curated resources for one year. Individuals who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion that highlights all of the demonstrated competencies that can be added to professional websites. 

Completing this program that leads to a professional learning certificate costs $300. With that one-time fee, participants will receive:

  • Access to five online modules encompassing 28 competencies
  • A full year of unlimited access to modules and resources 
  • The guidance of a dedicated facilitator
  • Valuable feedback and coaching on your submissions
  • A  professional learning certificate 
A teacher reading Cat in the Hat with a student

Why NC State’s CARE Program

Incorporates best practices and highlights what is known about learning to read through the established science of reading

Created by NC State’s nationally recognized reading faculty

Can be completed 100% online and at your convenience

Have unlimited access for a full year to modules and resources

Receive valuable feedback and coaching throughout the program

Earn a professional learning certificate