Program Contact

Dennis Davis
Associate Professor
Literacy Education
Director, The Literacy Space at NC State
Program Contact

Irene Armstrong
Graduate Student Services Specialist

Master of Education

New Literacies and Global Learning

Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS)

Welcome to the Master of Education (MEd) in Reading, English Language Arts, or Social Studies: The New Literacies and Global Learning (NLGL) Program!

Our distance education program is aimed at increasing teachers’ capacity for teaching reading, English language arts or social studies in a rapidly changing world. New literacies enable learners to broaden their modes of making and representing “meaning,” while also developing deep content knowledge.



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Program Description

The NLGL program is a distance education program designed for experienced teachers. It is a hybrid program in which at least half of the courses are offered online. This program focuses on improving the teaching of reading, social studies and English language arts within the context of contemporary education.

New literacies—from text messaging to social media to participating in virtual worlds—are multiple, dynamic and always changing. Likewise, global learning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Since we have the capacity to communicate and work globally, the demand for global knowledge and understandings is steadily increasing.

The key features of the NLGL MEd program are:

Online Course Offerings. The program offers approximately 50% of the courses online.

30-Hour Cohort for M.Ed Degree. Students will enter the program as part of a cohort and complete 30 hours of coursework in order to obtain an M.Ed.

All students will complete the same 4 core courses (12 hours) and an additional 18hrs in their concentration areas: reading, English language arts, or social studies.

36-Hour Cohort for M.S. Degree. Students who opt for the M.S. degree will take an extra six hours of credit, which includes completing a written thesis. All students will complete ECI 695 Master’s Thesis Research (3 hours) and one research methodology course (3 hours).

Global Connections: Students will generate global connections through international study travel and/or virtual global education experiences.

Project-Based Inquiry: When students enter the program they will pose a compelling question related to their teaching that they will answer through their project based inquiry process during the program.

Design Studio Showcase: The NLGL program culminates with a showcase and celebration of all project-based inquiries.

Course of Study

All teachers enrolled in the 30-hour NLGL concentration in the M.Ed. program will take 4 core courses along with an additional 6 courses in a specific certification area of their choice.


Course descriptions can be found in the university course catalog.

Core Curriculum

Core curriculum will consist of 4 courses, which is 12 hours of coursework.

  • ECI 546 New Literacies and Media (3 hours, online, fall and spring)
  • ECI 524 Theory and Research in Global Learning (3 hours, online, spring and summer I)
  • ECI 523 Teacher as Researcher (3 hours, online, fall)
  • ECI 508 Teachers as Leaders (3 hours, spring)

Specialty Coursework

Specialty curriculum will consist of 6 courses (8 hours of coursework) in the following concentration areas:

Capstone experience:

Creative Synthesis Projects presented at the NLGL Showcase



Candy Beal

Associate Professor, Middle Grades Social Studies Education


Dennis Davis

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Michelle Falter

Assistant Professor, English Language Arts Education

Jill Grifenhagen

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education


Ann Duffy Harrington

Teaching Associate Professor, Reading Education

John Lee

Department Head of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences


Meghan Manfra

Associate Professor


Jackie Eunjung Relyea

Assistant Professor, Literacy Education

(919) 515-0745

Hiller Spires

Associate Dean and Executive Director of the Friday Institute


Carl Young

Associate Professor, English Language Arts Education


Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • We prefer candidates have at least three years of teaching experience though it’s not required

*Note: GRE scores are no longer required