Teaching Career and Technical Education

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Required Courses:

EAC 559 – The Adult Learner (3 hours)

An inquiry into the characteristics and background, learning processes, motivation and participation of adult learners in a variety of educational contexts. Emphasis on adult learning theories, models, principles and their application to educational design and delivery.

EAC 692 – TTET Capstone project (3 hours)

A project or problem in research in education for graduate students, supervised by members of graduate faculty. Choice of research on basis of individual students’ interests and not to be a part of thesis or dissertation research.

TED 530 – Foundations for Teaching Technology (3 hours)

Three topics related to teaching technology at the secondary and post-secondary levels: philosophical and historical foundations; methodology and curriculum development; and current trends and issues. Emphasis is on developing critical thinking skills, research, technology skill development, and writing procedures.

TED 556 – Laboratory Management and Safety in TED (3 hours)

Laboratory management, planning, and safety considerations for technology education. Analysis of recent research, environmental factors, development of a safety system, safety education, and legal implications. Use of student leaders in management of a safe learning environment. Offered by Distance Education Only.

TED 641 – Internship in Technology Education (3 hours)

Classroom teachers will document products of learning to include: content pedagogy, student development, multiple instructional strategies, motivation and management, professional growth and community involvement.