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Undergraduate Students

Read what college of education students had to say about their study abroad experiences.

College of Education students have studied abroad in Australia, Czech Republic, China, England, France, Italy, and Spain.

I’ve learned that family is very important, naps are always needed, and that I like more foods than I originally thought. I have also learned better ways to conserve energy and water, how to open a door in Spain (after three weeks of constant struggle,) and how to play “La Rueda de la Fortuna.

Becca Churchill

Becca Churchill

Study Abroad in Segovia, Spain – Summer 2019

Five Ways to Engage Globally as an Undergraduate Student 

1. Participate in the semester-long study abroad programs

Be one of the more than 200 students who study at NC State Prague each year. You can participate in the semester-long Fall or Spring Classic Programs, where you take at least 12 NC State credits. An immersive survival language course, cultural excursions, in-country and out-of-country excursions are also part of the program. Enjoy the rich culture and history that Prague has to offer while growing intellectually! 

Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Italy offers one of the largest and most diverse course catalog for semester programs. You can fulfill GEP requirements. Enjoy exploring Italy and its rich cultural heritage while you work toward your degree! 

While these programs are highlighted to fit College of Educations students’ academic needs, you are encouraged to explore and participate in other programs offered at NC State. Speak to your academic advisor about your study abroad intentions early in your program and save flexible courses that you can take abroad.

 2. Participate in summer study abroad programs

The Classic Summer Program at NC State Prague is six weeks long, and students take two NC State courses. You can take EDP 304 Educational PsychologyEDP 370 Applied Child Development and/or other GEP courses. The Classic Summer Program also offers opportunities to experience Czech culture, local events, and activities. 

Explore your options based on your needs and interests. You may also explore culture, education, and languages by participating in short term programs in ChinaMexicoKenyaItaly, or the United Kingdom.

3. Explore your funding options 

Watch this video about how to fund your study abroad. Utilize available resources to understand costs and compare cost of living and studying abroad to studying at NC State and living in Raleigh.  

Explore NC State Study Abroad Scholarships  and outside funding available for students to fund their education abroad.  Review their application deadlines, eligibility criteria, application and selection processes so that you can plan your study abroad experiences early and you do not miss any important deadlines. 

If you have questions about how to fund your study abroad experience and how to benefit from different sources of financial aid and scholarships, participate in one of the funding sessions offered by the Study Abroad Office.

4. Take globally focused courses at NC State  

NC State has a campus programming initiative that focuses on UN Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 development goals are an action call that requires global collaboration of both developing and developed countries to promote peace and prosperity.  

You can enroll in one of these globally focused courses based on your interests, gain broader social, cultural, and political perspectives to solve global problems, and take action in your local and global communities.

5. Connect with the international community @NC State and in the greater Raleigh area  

Engaging with the international community can expand your knowledge and awareness about the world around us. You can build cross-cultural friendships and professional networks while learning about different cultures and countries.  

Consider attending the English Conversation Club or joining one of the many Global & Cultural student organizations. Search for globally related groups and events on for opportunities in the greater Raleigh area.  

For these and more global engagement opportunities, stay in touch and subscribe to the  GlobalEyes Newsletter and the Study Abroad Newsletter

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