Undergraduate Global Educators

Global Educators work to educate themselves and the College community about the value of global experiences. They engage in global experiences both on-campus and abroad and create innovative programming highlighting their global encounters.  They work towards the following learning outcomes.

Educating the Self

  • Demonstrate knowledge of global engagement opportunities on campus
  • Summarize funding resources that support study abroad experiences

Engaging Locally

  • Create an action plan to explore different cultural perspectives
  • Reflect on how global-focused activities enhances their personal approach to education

Engaging Globally

  • Reflect on how their intercultural interactions abroad informs their personal and professional journeys
  • Demonstrate effective and appropriate communication with people from different cultures

Educating the College

  • Synthesize learning through the College of Education outreach presentation.
  • Describe the process of pursuing a study abroad experience at NC State

"My favorite part of the Global Educator Program was the Global Film Series. The Global Film series exposed me to different types of themes commonly associated with different languages and cultures."

- Jessica Terrones
2020 Undergraduate Global Educator

2020 Global Educators

Elizabeth Vanegas

Middle Grades Math Education

James Daniels

Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies with Minors in Creative Writing and Africana Studies

Kyanna Sumpter

Elementary Education

Jessica Terrones

Middle Grades Math Education

Tate Cord

Secondary Math Education & Statistics dual-degree

Ranine Mohamed

Elementary Education


Selected Global Educators are required to attend global programming, reflect on what they learned through their global encounters and describe how to engage more of the college community in global experiences and and create and execute global events.  The list of required events and programming is subject to change as new events and opportunities become available.  

Part I : Educating the Self 

Global Film Series (minimum of 2 times)

Global Engagement Nights (minimum of 2 times)

Study Abroad 101

Funding Study Abroad/Gilman Information Session

Developing Cultural Competence Student Certificate Program – Spring Semester

Part II: Engaging Locally 

English Conversation Club (minimum of 2 times)

International Buddies Program

Interview a Study Abroad Returnee

Global Tea & Coffee – IEM Event

Part III: Engaging Globally

Study Abroad (Summer or Fall terms)

Blog Posts/Reflection

Social Media Posts/Marketing Efforts

Part IV: Educating the College

Present at Student Stories from Abroad CED Event & work in pairs/trios to create monthly events on global topics

Speak to prospective students at information sessions and tables at international events

Represent College of Education Global Programs at the Study Abroad Fair

Think and Do in 2: Global Storytelling Competition – IEM Event

Create and execute a Signature event in CED for International Education Month


Application: 2021 Global Educators Application will be open starting mid September.  

Deadline to Apply: Friday, October 30th, 2020, 5:00pm EST

Decision Date: Late November 2020 

Funding & Hiring

*Payment is pending availability of funding and approval as there is a temporary pause on hiring undergraduate students.* 

Students are hired in two separate hire contracts and assessed taxes according to their individual situation.

For students planning to study abroad in Summer 2021

1st Hire Dates: Jan 2021 – Apr 2021 = $1000 divided into biweekly payments
2nd Hire Dates: Aug 2021 – Dec 2021 = $500 divided into biweekly payments

(Approximate Dates Subject to Change till the hire is processed)

For students planning to study abroad in Fall 2021

1st Hire Dates: Jan 2021 – Apr 2021 = $1000 divided into biweekly payments
2nd Hire Dates: Jan 2022 – Apr 2022 = $500 divided into biweekly payments

(Approximate Dates Subject to Change till the hire is processed)