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Extraordinary Educators Prepare Here

North Carolina’s best educators prepare at the NC State College of Education. In every corner of the state, in all 100 counties, NC State alumni are educating children, improving schools and strengthening communities. 

I honestly believe that there’s no other college of education that’s better than the one at NC State. Going into my first year of teaching, I felt like I had so much knowledge in my head that I just couldn’t wait to get started.

Cristina Chase Lane

Christina Chase Lane ’18

Third-grade teacher who won Wake County Public School System’s 2018-19 Diane Kent-Parker First-Year Teacher Award

College of Education Students during a Mathematics Field Day.

Students who graduate from the NC State College of Education go on to become teachers, counselors, principals and community college presidents of the year; governors; business owners; and even Super Bowl winning coaches. Meet a few of our extraordinary students and alumni.

“NC State’s College of Education has produced creative, inspiring and talented educators who are now leading classrooms, schools and even school districts all across North Carolina. Every day, these graduates are strengthening our state’s system of public education and helping more students reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.”

– June Atkinson ’96EDD

Former State Superintendent (2005-2016)

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The NC State College of Education leads the way in North Carolina in preparing extraordinary educators.


Producer of STEM Educators in N.C.


Teaching Alumni on Performance Measures in N.C.


College for Education Majors in N.C.

“I believe it is a privilege and honor to be a teacher because teachers are the ones who make all professions possible.”

– Lance Atkinson ’18MAT

Johnston County Public Schools’ 2019 Outstanding First-Year Teacher

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Preparing Extraordinary Educators to Make an Extraordinary Impact

At the NC State College of Education, over 1,700 students study across 60-plus degree programs that equip them to be educators and leaders who champion the educational success of all. Meet a few of them.

teacher working with a student

“That is what [NC State University] has always done and should always do — reach out to families of ordinary North Carolinians with the promise that their sons and daughters will have a chance to become all they can be at this remarkable place we call NC State.”

– Wendell Murphy ’60

NC State Trustee, Murphy Family Farms Chair, and Former State Legislator and Teacher

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As a land-grant college, we are driven to prepare extraordinary educators who equip students with STEM workforce capabilities. The state’s well-being depends on it.

Mary Ann Danowitz

Mary Ann Danowitz, D.Ed.

Dean, NC State College of Education

How We Prepare Extraordinary Educators

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"I have always liked working with kids, and I wanted to have a career working with children. But I also wanted a career where I can help others. So choosing to major in elementary education seems like the right fit for me. 
I chose to major in education because I love to learn. Being able to work in an environment where everyone is learning and sharing new things is something I enjoy. I also chose education due to wanting to make an impact on the lives of the kids I will be teaching, as one day I will be teaching and making an impact on one of the next generation’s lives.
The biggest thing I am looking forward to in my first year at NC State is joining clubs and making new friendships, but also getting the chance to explore new things that NC State has to offer." — Carla Gibson, an elementary education major, a Dean's Excellence Scholarship recipient and one of our new #NCState25 students.
"I chose NC State because I attended a summer program a couple of years ago and fell in love with the people I met and the campus. I also like that it’s close to my home.
As I was doing my college applications, I knew NC State had really stellar STEM education programs. However, what really did it for me was meeting some of the College of Education staff, advisors and students during Zoom events such as the live College of Education showcase and the Teaching Fellows interest meeting. Everyone was so kind, and you could tell they cared about you as a student.
Throughout middle and high school, I changed my mind a lot about what I wanted to do as a career, but I always kept coming back to the idea of being a teacher. I’ve had some really amazing teachers, and I want to be able to give back in the same way. I chose education because every student deserves someone at their school to believe in them and push them to be the best version of themselves that they can be." — Bethany Lee, a double major in science education and chemistry, and one of our new #NCState25 students.