NC TEACH Curriculum

NC TEACH classes meet at night (6:30-9:30) and on one Saturday per month. The affordable program is part-time and consists of 6 education classes completed in 3 semesters. NC TEACH can be started in either Spring or Summer.

Coursework: 18 hours over 3 semesters

Semester I (Summer start or Spring Start - there is no Fall Start)

  • ECI 471 (Spring): Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theory: Topics related to human psychological development. Cognitive, social, physical changes, and their interaction among adolescence.
  • ECI 472 (Spring): Interaction of Classroom Management and Instruction : Topics related to teaching in the content area and classroom management. Lesson planning, principles applied to education, measurement and evaluation procedures, behavior therapy, and student motivation.

Semester II (Fall)

  • ECI 473: Subject-Specific Methods: Topics related to cultural factors and how they affect teachers and students in the classroom. Instructional techniques and the development of instructional plans that enhance schooling experiences of culturally diverse students. The DPI Evidence in this course will be the Unit Plan.
  • ECI 474: Curriculum and Instruction Practices I: Topics related to essential skills and concepts needed by beginning teachers. The class focuses on questioning, test preparation, discussion skills, familiarity with national standards, multiple teaching strategies, and assessment and evaluation of students.

Semester III (Spring)

  • ECI 475: Peer Mentoring in Alternative Licensure: Topics related to observing and evaluating fellow teachers in relation to the national state teaching competencies. Lessons in advanced topics such as Special Education, ESL, and Assessment. Projects include a Peer Pedagogy Project. The DPI Evidence in this course will be an Assessment Analysis (which will be a follow-up to the Unit Plan). Presentations will be shared and discussed with fellow teachers.
  • ECI 476: Curriculum and Instruction Practices II: Topics related to inquiry, activity based instruction, and constructivist principles. Analysis of principles, strategies and application of new teaching approaches.

Licensure Areas Offered:

Select your licensure specialty for details on eligibility & coursework:

Student Teaching and NC TEACHers:

Student Teaching in NC TEACH is an additional semester and an additional cost. NC TEACHers must apply and interview with College of Education faculty before they are permitted the opportunity to student teach. This is a highly selective opportunity as a path toward licensure. There are limited student teaching placements for NC TEACHers.

Students do not need to have a teaching job to be eligible for NC TEACH at NCSU. However, you will need one year of successful teaching or a semester of student teaching to be eligible for a North Carolina Teaching License.

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The next deadline for Summer Start 2015 is April 10th.

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