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Wake STEM Activities

Throughout their time at Wake STEM Early College High School, students complete projects with real-world applications, secure internships to broaden their educational horizons, attend guest lectures on the Grand Challenges of Engineering and gain mentors who will support them as they  achieve their goals. Faculty, students and staff in the College of Education are critical to the Wake STEM Early College High School experience and can provide support in the following ways.

Grade Level Projects

Grade level projects are multidisciplinary projects where students collaboratively master core standards through rigorous, real-world culminating assignments.  

Previous Examples

  • Nuclear Proliferation – UN debate on widespread sharing of Nuclear Power technology.  
  • One Health Project – Students design a wearable device.  
  • Access to Clean Water Project
  • Grand Challenges – Students prepare and teach key aspects of one of the Grand Challenges of Engineering to kindergarteners at Brentwood Elementary.  

The Early College is looking for undergraduate and graduate students who would be interested in supporting the work of our student teams as they complete their grade level projects. They would do so by reviewing rubrics, brainstorming, asking questions and providing feedback.

Current projects

Other ways to get involved