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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Susan Chen

Program Area of Study

M.Ed. – Higher Education Administration


Susan is a first year Higher Ed Admin M.Ed student currently working in NC State Study Abroad Office as their incoming exchange coordinator. Growing up in Greensboro, NC, as a 2nd generation immigrant, restaurant kid, and a first-generation college graduate, she has valued education as a powerful tool that enhances a person’s development. Outside of her passion for Higher Education, she also enjoys walks, watching Parks and Recreation, and cooking!

Why NC State?

Prior to studying at NC State, I worked at UNC-Chapel Hill for a few years and wanted to pursue my masters to better promote change for those in marginalized backgrounds. I applied from the encouragement of my former colleagues and during the interview weekend, I felt that the faculty and recruitment team (currently Preview the Pack) made me feel welcomed and a part of their community! 

One insight gained so far…

The transition back to being a full-time student again has made me recognize and be cognizant of the challenges that students, particularly Graduate students, face. Nevertheless, I have gotten so much support from the Study Abroad team, the faculty members, and my fellow cohort mates throughout the process. An important aspect of being a graduate student is practicing self-care throughout your time at NC State. Promoting and implementing small wellness habits will result in great outcomes. Some examples are HELP partners (a buddy system that we frequently check in with each other and keep each other accountable for our wellness plan), CED’s Wellness Wednesdays, and catch-up days (a day to simply work on our large projects, readings, or simply relax).