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Understanding the Effect of the North Carolina Read to Achieve Program on Student Outcomes

Project Team:

Sponsor: US Dept. of Education (DED)

Project Total: $120,546


The 2-year research project, in collaboration with NC DPI, is an evaluation of North Carolina’s Read to Achieve (RtA) program.  The RtA is a legislatively-mandated program that provides instructional interventions for students who do not demonstrate reading proficiency by the end of grade three. Initial identification is based on students scoring below a cut point on grade three End-of-Grade (EOG) examination; students who are not proficient in reading before the start of the next school year are retained. The purpose of the project is to study the causal impacts of RtA on student outcomes in grades four and five. Elementary grade retention is a growing policy option nationwide for ensuring that students are prepared for upper elementary school and beyond.