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School Connectivity Initiative 2.0 and related cooperative purchasing agreements

Project Team:

Sponsor: NC Department of Public Instruction

Project Total: $449,586


In collaboration with NC Department of Public Instruction, the goal of the project is to complete planning and preparation activities concerning the School Connectivity 2.0 initiative and to support related cooperative purchasing agreement activities. Project activities include:  1)assisting DPI with translating survey results from the field into a workable cooperative purchasing agreement for digital devices for local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools;  2) providing recommendations for other opportunities for cooperative purchasing agreements that DPI may consider during the course of this agreement; 3) advising DPI and consulting on RFP(s) development, bid evaluations, award recommendations, and resulting contract management which will, at minimum, include the implementation of cooperative purchasing agreements for ChromeBooks; and 4) developing an RFP to procure a SaaS platform that LEAs and charter schools can use to locate, organize, and share standards-aligned and professionally curated instructional resources.