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NC Digital Learning Plan – Statewide Content, State Policies, and Continuous Improvement

Project Team:

Sponsor: NC Department of Public Instruction

Project Total: $1,759,877


The project supports the NC Digital Learning Plan[1] related to statewide content, state policies, and continuous improvement activities authorized under Session Law 2016-94, Section 8.23.  The FI is assisting DPI with:

    Statewide Content


  • Migrating existing digital resources to Home Base including online course content from NCVPS and NCSSM, and content developed by NC LEAs and charter schools
  • Establishing a process for teacher developed and curated content coordinated through the NC Digital Content Consortium
  • Implementing NC’s #GoOpen strategy

    State Policies

  • Modernizing the textbook and digital resources adoption process
  • Forming and facilitating work groups for critical DL Plan policy issues (e.g., ITF certifications, tech director qualifications, Data Privacy, Copyright and Fair Usage)
  • Prioritizing long-term funding recommendations
  • Identifying priority policy changes to incorporate digital learning competencies into licensure and re-licensure

    Continuous Improvement

  • Implementing processes for the continuous improvement of the Home Base system
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive Home Base communications plan that includes a product website
  • Building district technology data collection, integration, reporting, and profile platform
    • The transition of the AMTR survey to a robust Digital Learning and Media Inventory (DLMI) management and reporting system.
    • Modifying and enabling the Digital Learning Progress Rubric as a district and school level planning instrument and support program.
  • Updating and maintaining the NC Digital Learning Data Dashboard