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MAP:TICCS. Mathematics and Pedagogy: Training for Implementation of High School Common Core Standards for Mathematics

Project Team: Co-PI-Andrew Cooper (Mathematics)   

Sponsor: UNC - General Administration/US Dept. of Education

Project Total: $444,918


The project team is providing professional development for high school mathematics teachers to deepen their understanding of mathematics which is foundational to and addressed in the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M). The professional development also engages teachers in learning more about: a) student learning of particular mathematical concepts; b) eight research-based teaching strategies to support student learning and use of the Mathematical Practices; and c) uses of technology to support student reasoning and sense making of mathematics.  The professional development program will serve as many as 18 high school mathematics teachers from five high-needs Wake County high schools. These teachers will participate in five graduate courses in mathematics and mathematics education that will engage them in deepening their knowledge of mathematics content that is typically difficult to teach or is emphasized in new ways with Common Core. These courses will be developed collaboratively and implemented by faculty in the Colleges of Education and Sciences.