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I3: Maximizing the Impact of Stem Outreach (MISO) Through Data-Driven Decision-Making

Project Team: PI-  Co-PI-   

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Project Total: $1,248,874



The purpose of the project is to creatively integrate longitudinal evaluation with innovation within NC State’s K-12 STEM outreach programs, particularly those funded by NSF, to help ensure the breadth and depth of the future U.S. STEM workforce. The vision for MISO is an integrated institutional structure that will allow pre-college programs to think and act strategically to meet the goals below.
● Provide an innovative network of support and communications among University-based outreach project directors and educational evaluation experts.
● Develop and demonstrate a system of data-driven planning and analysis.
● Use the longitudinal assessment of outreach participant outcomes within the university-wide outreach learning community to support more seamless transitions across critical educational junctures.
● Broaden participation among underrepresented groups in pre-college STEM outreach activities through integrated recruitment and support strategies.