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Exceptional Children Physical Therapist

Project Team:

Sponsor: NC Department of Public Instruction/(Prime--US Dept. of Education (DED)

Project Total: $99,111


The project team is doing an analysis that includes:

  • Completing a scan of funding models from other states, with emphasis on states with demographics and funding structures similar to those of North Carolina.
  • Developing outlines (in partnership with Exceptional Children Division [ECD]) for several alternative funding models, with models potentially ranging from those with specific adjustments to the current formula to those with entirely different structures and aims.
  • Calculating scenarios (in partnership with ECD) for each model (with comparisons to the status quo), with an emphasis on (where possible) differential impacts at district and state levels.
  • Recommending strategies for improving the likelihood of securing legislative support for identified funding model alternatives.

The project team will also produce data visualizations to increase the understanding and appeal of the importance of the proposed changes to the current funding formula; vignettes to capture in narrative form the realities of current on-the-ground problems related to the current funding formula; and case studies to connect multiple pieces of the funding puzzle together for stakeholders and policy-makers who may be unfamiliar with details of the exceptional children domain.