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Connecting Carolina: Integrating Primary Sources from the Library of Congress Collection in North Carolina’s History Classrooms

Project Team:

Sponsor: Waynesburg University/Library of Congress

Project Total: $19,989


This project is a collaborative partnership between NCSU’s College of Education, the North Carolina Museum of History, and the NCSU History Dept., to provide teachers with disciplinary-based approaches to teaching history.  The goal is to support the integration of the primary sources made available by the Library of Congress (LOC) across the grade levels in history classrooms in North Carolina. The Connecting Carolina program will leverage current curriculum standards as well as student prior knowledge; and will provide professional development for teachers focused on the integration of LOC digital history resources in the classroom by making connections to state history.  Specifically the project team will use the “Story of North Carolina” exhibit presented by the North Carolina Museum of History to connect American history resources in the LOC collection to our state’s history.  This will enable teachers to build on student prior knowledge while also motivating students to understand American history in a way that is relevant to their home communities and experiences.