Student Resources

International Initiatives's resources include a manual with activities to develop cultural competence in the classroom:

International Initiatives presents: An Interactive Chinese Taboo Game!

This is a fun game/quiz about Chinese traditional taboos.

Many of the taboos have changed, but knowing them is helpful to understand Chinese culture.

Click on the image below to start playing!


The College of Education welcomes visiting international students & scholars to make our campus community more diverse, bring international perspectives to our classrooms, and to enrich our future educators with more global awareness.


Office of International Services (OIS)

If you are thinking of studying at NC State as an international student, please visit the OIS website. OIS offers assistance and services regarding:

The Office of International Services is a great resource for any international student interested in studying at NC State University.

What is the College of Education at NC State like?

Check out this information on the College of Education’s facilities!