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Master of Education

Secondary English Language Arts

New Literacies and Global Learning

Increase your capacity for teaching English language arts and leveraging changing technologies to improve student outcomes in this flexible graduate program for licensed teachers.

Develop your mastery of English language arts education at a hybrid program we’ve designed to to fit your schedule. You’ll learn how to improve your teaching for a dynamic world and prepare your students for communicating clearly in any situation.

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Application Deadlines:

June 1

Fall Enrollment

April 15

Summer Enrollment

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Contact us about our scholarship opportunities for English Language Arts and social studies teachers and to learn more about our flexible graduate programs. The coordinator is Dr. Dennis Davis, ddavis6@ncsu.edu.

Why Secondary English Language Arts in New Literacies and Global Learning at NC State:


Quality instruction from nationally-renowned faculty that incorporates research and best practices you can apply to your classroom


Reduced tuition rates at one of the nation’s best values among public universities

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Take classes at your convenience in the evening at off-campus locations or online in this hybrid program


Study alongside other educators in a collaborative learning environment that will help you expand your network


Build leadership and research skills through an intensive, targeted core curriculum that will help you develop global knowledge and understanding


Deepen your content knowledge of teaching English language arts and using new technologies to improve student outcomes

Program Details

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in New Literacies and Global Learning – Secondary English Language Arts program is a distance education program designed for experienced teachers to teach English language arts in new literacies — from text messaging to social media to participating in virtual worlds. You’ll master the instructional strategies and skills you need to help your students communicate and work globally.

Core curriculum will consist of 4 courses which is 12 hours of coursework.

  • ECI 546 New Literacies and Media (3 hours, online, fall and spring)
  • ECI 524 Theory and Research in Global Learning (3 hours, online, spring and summer I)
  • ECI 523 Teacher as Researcher (3 hours, online, fall)
  • ECI 508 Teachers as Leaders (3 hours, spring)

Specialty Coursework

Specialty curriculum typically consists of 6 courses which is 18 hours of coursework.

  1. Computer Applications Courses (3 Hours): Select the appropriate 3 hour course
  • ECI 511- Computer Applications and Curriculum Integration (fall, summer, online)
  • ECI 512- 21st C. Technology: Teaching and Learning (spring, online)
  • ECI 513- Videography for Education (spring, online)
  • ECI 514- Multimedia Design and Applications in Inst. (fall, online)
  • ECI 515- Internet Applications and Web Page Design in Instruction (spring, online)
  • ECI 516/716- Design and Evaluation of Instructional Materials (spring, online)
  • ECI 518- Program and Staff Development in Instruction (spring, online)
  • ECI 519- Special Problems in Instructional Technology
  1. English Education Courses (9 Hours):
  • ECI 520 The Teaching of Composition (spring) 3 hours
  • ECI 521 Teaching Literature for Young Adults (fall) 3 hours
  1. Select ONE from the following:
  • ECI 522- Issues and Trends in English Language Arts Education (fall, odd-numbered years)
  • ECI 531- Advanced Writing in Education (spring each year)
  • ECI 541- Reading in the Content Areas* (spring, online; fall, face-to-face; summer, both)
  1. English Course, Select One at the Graduate Level (3 Hours)
  2. English or Education or Psychology Elective (3 Hours)

The Graduate School outlines basic requirements for admission.

  • 1-3 page personal statement that showcases your background, educational accomplishments, employment/volunteer work experience, and how this program will help you meet your professional goals
  • Transcripts of all post-secondary education* showing 3.0 GPA as required by the Graduate School
  • Three letters of recommendation that describe your work ethic and potential as a graduate student. These letters must be included with the online reference form.
  • We prefer candidates have at least three years of teaching experience though it’s not required
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents or $85 for international residents

NOTE: As of Spring 2013, GRE scores are no longer required for admission. However, if your overall GPA is below a 3.0, we strongly recommend that you submit GRE scores.

* Applicants currently attending or who have previously attended NC State are not required to provide an NC State transcript. Official transcripts will be required once an admission decision has been made by the Graduate School. Copies of transcripts should be uploaded directly into your online application or sent directly to the Graduate School at:

The Graduate School
North Carolina State University
Research Building III, Room 240
1005 Capability Drive, Box 7102
Raleigh, NC  27695

Review the Online and Distance Education Rates for upcoming semester tuition and fees. Note that tuition and fees are subject to change.

Are the classes online or face-to-face?

We consider our program to be a hybrid degree. Most classes will be face-to-face at an off campus site, but some will be online.

Will I automatically receive a teaching license when I complete this program?

No, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction is the licensing body in North Carolina. Contact the NC State College of Education Licensure Coordinator, Bonita Apperson, to apply for graduate level licensure. This office is in 515 Poe Hall Office, 919.513-2682, baappers@ncsu.edu.

If I do not have teaching experience, can I still apply for the program?

We expect that our applicants have an initial teaching license in order to enter our program. We encourage applicants to teach before entering the graduate program since we think the coursework is more meaningful if you already have teaching experience. We do, however, have some students who enter the program directly from their undergraduate programs with only their student teaching experience.


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