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Initial Licensure: Business and Marketing Education

Initial Licensure Program for Residency Teachers
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (STEM Ed)

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The Initial Licensure Program in Business and Marketing Education is a Residency Licensure Pathway. This 12-credit hour fully online program is designed specifically for Residency teachers who are currently teaching full time in a Business or Marketing classroom or have been offered employment.

Program Description

Consisting of three courses in the Department of STEM Education, our initial licensure program is one of the Residency programs in the Alternative Teacher Education Program offered at NC State. Courses are offered as extension courses and delivered entirely via online and field-based experiences. The Business and Marketing Education Program is an Approved-EPP for Residency teachers to clear their license and earn an Initial License.

Course of Study

Courses are offered in both fall and spring semesters. ECI 561 and ECI 562 may be taken in separate semesters or during the same semester. However, ECI 657 must be taken last.

  • ECI 561 Curriculum and Instruction in Business and Marketing Education (3 semester hours)
  • ECI 562 Business and Marketing Education Program Management (3 semester hours)
  • ECI 657 Internship in Business and Marketing Education (6 semester hours, prerequisite ECI 561 and ECI 562)
  • Praxis II Exam (either Business Education or Marketing Education) as indicated on by license area
  • Passing score on the edTPA
  • At minimum one-year of teaching on a Residency License
  • Upon completion of the 3 courses, passing Praxis II score, and successful score on the edTPA, NCSU will recommend the Residency teacher for an Initial License.

Admission Requirements:

  • Employment or offer of employment as a Residency teacher in Business or Marketing at a North Carolina Public School.
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Cumulative graduating GPA of at least 2.7
  • 24 credit hours in Business or Marketing courses OR the Praxis II (at minimum one of these is required to meet the content requirement for Residency according to NCDPI)
  • No GRE is required for admission – plan to upload official transcripts and Praxis II scores to the application
  • Important Note: Admittance to the program is contingent upon admittance to the university via the Non-degree Studies Office. Once accepted to the program, the applicant will be directed to the NDS app

Application Process

  • Complete the Business and Marketing Residency Application when it is open. For Spring 2025 Semester, applications will open September 15th. At this time, applications to start Fall 2024 Semesters are closed.
  • Await acceptance packet with welcome materials, plan of study, and next steps (2 week turnaround on applications)
  • Confirm acceptance
  • Apply to NDS to receive student ID (please do not apply to NDS prior to submission of Residency application)
  • Submit RL form for signature and affiliation