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edTPA Support Class

Gain the support and preparation to complete the edTPA requirement for licensure.

Designed to provide support and preparation to aspiring teachers, beginning teachers, NC State graduates who need remediation, students from other Education Preparation Programs (EPPs) and alternative licensure candidates who are seeking a teaching license.

Why NC State’s edTPA Support Class

  • Fully online course with real-time coaching support
  • Support materials and tutorials designed by nationally recognized edTPA expert with more than seven years experience and a candidate first-time pass rate exceeding 94% (the first-time pass rate for the state of North Carolina is 84%)
  • Nationally Board Certified edTPA coach with more than two decades of experience in public education
  • Carefully structured experiences to help teachers plan and implement successful edTPA completion from beginning to end in 12 weeks

“Without the edTPA prep course, I would not have known where to begin. The edTPA has a lot of components and can be overwhelming at times, but this course breaks it down in parts to make it easier to understand and more manageable — just like we do for our students in the classroom.”

– Natalie Jones

Career and Technical Education Teacher, Millbrook High School

Course Details

Course Description

The NC State College of Education offers a fee-based, non-credit bearing edTPA support course utilizing Wolfware Outreach support. During this course, teachers will have access to support materials and tutorials to guide them through the process of creating an edTPA portfolio. Additionally, teachers will have the support of an edTPA coach, who will give feedback and answer questions.

The course is available to NC State graduates who need remediation, students from other education preparation programs (EPPs), beginning teachers and alternative licensure candidates who are completing licensure requirements.

Module 1: Overview of edTPA (2 weeks)

  • History, state policy, who’s who
  • Essential Resources
    • Navigating the handbook
    • Making good choices
    • URLPs
  • Acceptable support and how that fits in
  • Cycle of effective teaching, learning segment
  • The Big Picture
  • Reading and Responding to Commentary Prompts

Module 2: Preparing your Learning Segment (3 weeks)

  • The overarching goals
    • Content-specific understanding and learning standards
    • Writing a Central Focus
    • Writing Student Learning Outcomes
  • Academic Language
  • Using knowledge of students
  • Planning for assessment
  • Writing Lesson Plans

Module 3: Teaching your Learning segment (2 weeks)

  • Overview of task
  • Analyze rubrics and prompts for Task 2, what evidence do I need?
  • Tips, tricks, and regulations for video
  • Reflection

Module 4: Closing the Cycle of Effective Teaching (3 weeks)

  • Overview of Task
  • Finding patterns of student learning
  • Giving feedback and getting students to use it
  • Academic language
  • Next steps of instruction and reflection

Module 5: Getting ready for submission (2 weeks)

$300         Enrollment for 12 weeks of material access and coaching support

$50           2 week extension (one time option)

  • Teachers will have access to edTPA support materials and an edTPA coach.
  • Coaches will guide candidates through the edTPA process, giving individualized feedback within the acceptable guidelines set forth by Stanford.
    • For example, the coach will ask guiding questions to support teacher understanding but will NOT tell teachers how to revise their responses.
  • Coaches will give specific, explicit feedback on practice activities that are not part of the teacher’s actual edTPA submission.
    • For example, practice writing a central focus or a commentary response.
  • Coaches will be available to answer questions regarding the edTPA support materials via email or virtual office hours.
  • Enrollment in this course does NOT include a field placement. Students should either:
    • be employed in a school
    • if affiliated with another institution, students should complete this course during their student teaching experience, the placement for which is the responsibility of their IHE.
  • If a teacher successfully completes all requirements of the course and does not meet the required cut score, the edTPA coach will schedule an individual consultation to review the teacher’s submission and help craft a plan for re-take. (The coach is NOT responsible for providing further support unless the teacher enrolls in another edTPA support package.)