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How to Become a Teacher in North Carolina:

I Want to Teach While Earning My License

We have two state-approved Educator Preparation Programs for individuals who want to teach while earning their teaching license. Follows these steps to qualify for these programs and earn your full teaching license.

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s State Board policy states that teachers can begin without a teaching license. If the teacher is eligible, the teacher can apply for positions and be hired on a residency license.

To be eligible for a teaching position in North Carolina, you need a 2.70 GPA for your bachelor’s degree and:

  • 24 hours in your subject area OR
  • Degree in your subject area OR
  • Praxis/Pearson exam/s in your area

State Board policy also states that when hired, the residency teacher must be enrolled in a state-approved Educator Preparation Program (EPP). The NC State College of Education offers several EPP programs you can choose from.

Choose from NC State’s two state-approved residency EPP options for individuals who want to teach while earning their license:

Extraordinary Educators Prepare at the NC State College of Education


Teaching Alunni on Statewide Performance Measures


Passage Rate on State Licensing Exams — 30 Points Higher than Average


Producer of STEM Educators in North Carolina

*Sources: UNC Educator Quality Dashboard and N.C. Department of Public Instruction