ETF-Funded Instructional Resources for Excellence Grant


The Instructional Resources for Excellence Grant, funded by student Education & Technology Fees (ETF), is intended to advance the quality of learning experiences and outcomes for students and also embrace emerging opportunities that differentiate the learning experience beyond what departmental funding allows.

Previous awards have included course-specific software to be installed on students’ computers, immersive virtual reality simulations for pre-service teachers to experience classroom interactions, presentation technology for use in smart classrooms, immersive tablets used to record advising practicums, test batteries for psychology courses, robotics and maker equipment in METRC, and consumables like rocket engines, chemicals, and aquarium supplies.

As a condition of the grant guidelines, funds must generally be spent on items for the direct benefit of students.  For example, a license for software to go on a student computer could be acceptable, but a license to go on a faculty machine would not. Student benefit should be made explicit as a part of the proposed request.


Proposals may be submitted immediately and are due no later than October 12th for consideration during the 2018 review process, which  begins October 12th. Proposals submitted after October 12th will only be reviewed if there are remaining funds.


There is a two-step process for submitting a request.

  1. You should fill out the Google Form found here.
  2. You should send a PDF of a vendor quote or on-line shopping cart to your departmental College Computer and Technology Committee (CCTC) representative.  The list of representatives can be found here.  Because the state of NC is sales tax exempt, the vendor quote or cart must NOT include tax.


Faculty or staff supporting the instruction of students in the College of Education or Department of Psychology are eligible to submit a request.


The CCTC, comprised of departmental, student, and administrative representatives, will review all requests to ensure grant requirements are met, University guidelines are satisfied, and sufficient funds exist.  In general, preference will be given to proposals with a maximum impact on students.

If an award is granted, a departmental representative will inform the department head as well as  the applicant, and the proposal quote will be forwarded to the purchasing department.