Higher Education Administration

Diagonal close up of brick patternThe NC State Higher Education program provides exceptional opportunities for students interested in higher education administration to explore a core body of knowledge, gain real-world professional experience, and pursue advanced study. Program content is informed by relevant theory, scholarly research, and best practice in the fields of higher education and student affairs. In addition, the program links theoretical foundations of higher education leadership and administration to practical application of skills.

2013-14 Student Handbook

Contact Us: higher_ed@ncsu.edu

Program Faculty

  • Department Head
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Higher Education Master's Program Coordinator
  • Associate Professor
  • Professor & Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Graduate Services Coordinator
  • Professor


Box 7801
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, N.C. 27695-7801
Educational Leadership & ERPA-K12 Programs: Sharon Walker, 919-515-3127, sharon_walker@ncsu.edu Adult & Higher Education Programs: Shana Scott, 919-515-6238, shana_scott@ncsu.edu

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