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A teacher and student working at a desk

Leading the Way in Teaching and Innovating Literacy Instruction

Faculty in the NC State College of Education are engaged in literacy research, teaching and outreach activities that help translate scientific evidence into high-quality teacher preparation and reading, writing, and English language arts instruction for children in grades K-12.

How the College of Education Became Literacy Leaders

NC State’s College of Education aligns coursework and field experiences to prepare effective elementary education teachers equipped to address early literacy needs.

a teacher reading to a student
Photo by Ken Martin
A student reading during a Literacy and Community Initiative event

Resources for Educators and Practitioners

Faculty with a focus on literacy and English language arts have produced a variety of online resources that are available for educators and parents to use at school and at home.

The Literacy Space

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Literacy Research

Our faculty are engaging in literacy research that aims to transform literacy education and create more equitable opportunities for learners. Below are examples of some of our most recent grant-funded projects.

Literacy Courses

Our faculty offer innovative courses for pre-service and in-service teachers and emerging researchers across several program areas.

A teacher reading with her student